you were deliberate, intentional.

i knew the moment it happened; the spark inside me that
flourished you to life.

you had been there my whole life, waiting to be made;
to grow, and become.

the test, a formality.
i could feel it, that you were there, already thriving.

and then, one day, like a wicked sort of magic, you tore through me and you arrived.

a real, tangible thing.
a perfect thing.
and I had made you with my blood and my body.

my girl.

all silky skin and sapphire eyes.
tiny, round face and thick, black hair.
piano fingers and button nose.




Kate Moyer

Kate Moyer


Full-time working mom, city dweller, lover of wine & chocolate. Aspiring poet, history nerd. Very good at trivia. Clumsy + musically inclined